Carolina Bernal


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Ms. Bernal was born in Colombia, Bogota. She moved to Miami, Florida when she was nine years old. As a young child, she always had a passion for art, and it would be later in life where she pursued this passion through teaching. She graduated FIU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education in 2014. This is Ms. Bernal’s third year teaching at Alpha Charter of Excellence, and it has been a great blessing and wonderful experience for her. Ms. Bernal hopes to inspire every students’ creativity and self-expression through art as well as to channel the love for art in their own way. She longs for students to find their inner artist that they hold within so that in the future it can be put to use. Ms. Bernal believes that the children of today are future artists, designers, architects, illustrators and much more. Ms. Bernal hopes to be an inspiration in  their lives and future.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”  Albert Einstein

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