Minutes of Board Meeting



Alpha Charter of Excellence


1223 SW 4 Street Miami, Florida 33135
September 26, 2019


        I.  Call To Order and Roll Call – meeting called to order 1:15 p.m.

            Present:  Dr. Judith Stein, Dr. Celia Suarez, Rosana Salgado, Juan Carlos Fernandez (JC), Isabel Navas

            Absent:  Lisa Capote and Sonia Lopez

        II.  Public Comment (limited to agenda items only)*

        III.  Approval of Agenda

JC Fernandez motioned to approve the agenda with correction on date to reflect September 26, 2019, Dr. Celia Suarez second, unanimously voted.

        IV. Approval of Minutes: July 23, 2019

JC Fernandez motioned to approve the minutes as presented and Dr. Celia Suarez second, unanimously voted.

        V. Budget

Ms. Navas presented the revision of the Title I Budget. Teachers need to do the intervention during their planning time. The teachers are reflected in the budget. The budget was adjusted to accommodate the intervention. Ms. Villanueva will also be going back to intervention starting next week. Dr. Celia Suarez motioned to approve the amended Title I Budget and JC Fernandez second, unanimously voted.

        VI. Old Business:

  1. Audit: The audit came back and there was one finding.  The finding was read on page 24-26.  The audit noted that the lease expenses was not properly expensed in according to the GAAP.  Leases with escalating rent payments should be expensed strait-line over the life of the lease.  The resulted in an understatement of rent expenses and an overstatement of net position for the year ending in June 30, 2019.

The response from Building Hope Financial management stated that the impact of the escalating rent payments is material and therefore will recognize the rent expenses based on current year payments.  Management also considered that accounting for leases will change based upon the new guidance in GASB statement No. 87.  Management will reevaluate the escalating rent payments in connections with the adoption of GASB 87.

  1.  The new vacant lot was discussed with R. Cambo.  He stated the vacant lot is not under bid    and once he has finalized the transaction, he will provide the board with the payment / lease options.

        VII. New Business:

  1. Proposed a new time for board meeting was requested by S. Lopez. The board stated if the time will change to 5:00 p.m. then the day of the week will be better on Wednesdays. JC Fernandez stated the 3rd Wednesdays of every month would not work for him due to other engagements. Isabel Navas will see if Lisa Capote is okay with the changes and circle back with the board.
  2. Amendment to the school (grades 6-8). Isabel Navas asked the board for assistance with the amendment charter application. I have received from the District the application which is very lengthy to submit. Isabel Navas is asking the board if she can get assistance and look for someone that can complete for us. Dr. Celia Suarez motioned to proceed looking for assistance with the amendment charter application and JC Fernandez second, unanimously voted.
  3. Baseline Data was reviewed with the board. The Iready Reading and Math reports were provided. The school baseline is low in both Reading and Math. The percent of proficient in Iready Reading was 25% and Math 22%. In Science, the baseline was within 5-10% from the MDCPS District average.

The intervention has been already planned and executed in the school. All parents of low performing parents have been informed of the results of the reading and math tests. Math and Reading Interventionist and Teachers will be providing intervention to the lowest 25% of the students (Iready RED Students).

  1. School Improvement Plan was reviewed and discussed with the board. Dr. Judith Stein reviewed the demographics and school data with the board. Dr. Stein showed JC Fernandez how the school is 99% Economically disadvantaged. JC asked how was this determined. Isabel Navas explained it is from the lunch application. We have many parents on direct certification meaning that they get food stamps and the rest of the parents fill out a lunch application. Based on their income, they either qualify for free, reduced or pay. Most of our students qualify for free lunch. JC Fernandez stated it is amazing all the wonderful things ACE school is doing with this community. Isabel Navas also reviewed the goal for the school year, school data and the plan for improvement. Dr. Celia Suarez motioned to approve the SIP as presented, Dr. Judith Stein second, unanimously voted.
  2. Governing Board Training Information was given to JC Fernandez and Dr. Judith Stein.
  3. Employee Update: The school has hired the 2nd grade teacher to replace Ms. Ramirez. The new teacher’s name is April Thomany. She is an experience teacher from MDCPS. Her first day will be on Sept. 30th. She has to add her ESOL classes to her certificate; therefore, Ms. Navas is asking the board to approve the ESOL waiver until she adds it to her certification. Dr. Judith Stein motioned to approve the ESOL waiver, second by Dr. Celia Suarez, unanimously voted. Ms. Villanueva will now begin her intervention schedule when Ms. Thomany begins.

        VIII.  Extended Public Comment (limited to agenda items only)*
        IX.  Comments from the Board (non-agenda items only)* Tentative Feb. 12th at 5:00 p.m.
        X.  Adjournment: Dr. Celia Suarez motioned to adjourn at 2:00 p.m., second by Dr. Judith Stein, unanimously voted.


*Individuals wishing to address the board of directors under Public Comments are requested to sign-up with the recording secretary prior to the start of the meeting. Individuals are limited to three minutes for their comments.*The board will not respond to extended public comments during the meeting, but will follow up in the most appropriate and time-effective manner.